Help Desk


The Service Solution

The help desk has rapidly become the most frequently used support service for most large corporations. Additionally, it has become the main target for end-user dissatisfaction. Given today’s competitive market, running and managing a help desk is a very challenging task, even for the most experienced help desk managers.

This is where Key Systems can help. We take ownership of any and all help desk challenges you desire: from staffing to training to motivation, in order to deliver the highest quality service possible.

End-to-End Solutions

What makes Key Systems so unique is our ability to provide both hardware and software service solutions that only a manufacturer authorized service provider and re-seller can provide. For example, should a hard drive fail, our technicians can troubleshoot and resolve the hardware problem, and then follow up by reloading the software and getting the user up and running.

Coupled together, these two resources allow us to provide a complete End-to-End solution for complex hardware and software integration issues that are a result of today’s multi-vendor hardware and software configurations.

Benefits of Key Systems

  • Help desk can be located at your location or ours
  • Flexibility to meet dynamic demands for staffing
  • Advanced manufacturer diagnostic tools
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week support
  • Ongoing training of our staff on latest technology
  • Personnel experienced on client’s hardware, operating systems, applications and peripherals
  • Ability to utilize Key Systems for partial help desk staffing
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