Installation and Moves


The Service Solution

As your business grows and changes, your computer environment becomes more dynamic, creating the need to have an experienced partner to assist you with the installation, move, add, change (IMAC) of your computer equipment.

This is where Key Systems can help. We provide the technical and logistical expertise needed to successfully perform IMAC for your companies systems cost effectively. Our IMAC teams are either resident on-site or dispatched depending on the requirement. Our dedicated IMAC teams have successfully performed thousands of IMAC for some of the largest corporations.

Benefits of Key Systems

  • Ability to Hot Fix hardware issues that may occur due to a move
  • Large pool of experienced high quality IMAC technicians to handle the largest projects
  • Experience in moving mission critical systems, such as entire Trading floors

IMAC Manager

Your dedicated IMAC Manager will ensure that all services are performed and completed to your company standards. Additionally, the IMAC manager will oversee the following:

  • Select and coordinate the technical personnel required to complete the project
  • Perform site survey of current site and review specifications of any new site
  • Peform quality assurance review of IMAC activity
  • Serve as a resource of escalation of IMAC technicians

IMAC Services

Delivers high-level expertise required for installation, move, add, change of multi-vendor systems. An IMAC manager will conduct a site analysis and draft a detailed plan that will ensure quick and efficient completion of your most ambitious projects. Services include:

  • Staging
  • Image Load
  • Installation of PC and custom applications
  • Network Installation
  • User orientation
  • Installation report


Key Systems will inventory all pre-staged equipment at the user’s site and reconcile it against the items ordered. A certified technician will assemble all hardware at the user’s desk as specified in the statement of work and verify all hardware is functional utilizing the applicable vendor’s diagnostics.

User Orientation

Once the installation is completed, Key Systems will review the basic operations of the hardware and software with the user including system features, basic operating procedures, data storage, printing, and any customized batch files or menus.

Installation Reports

To ensure that your installed systems and any special configuration information is captured, Key Systems will provide a detailed report on all activities accomplished during the installation process such as equipment listing, serial numbers, hardware settings, software configurations and customized menu listing.

Key Systems’ experience with management of multiple manufacturer environments, and expansive knowledge base with advanced levels of technical expertise, and national presence for multi-location projects ensure outstanding installation of hardware, software, networks and communications. Key Systems can provide on-site technical project management staff to manage virtually any technical project. From upgrades of existing equipment to full project rollout, Key Systems can assemble the right team for scheduling and coordination of single or multi-site relocations and new location set-up.

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